Forms and Disclosures

colorado mortgage disclosures

Colorado Property Taxes PDF – Learn about how property taxes work in Colorado

Mortgage Loan Application – Fill out your loan application and bring it to your first appointment with your loan officer.

Charms Booklet – Learn all about ARM(adjustable Rate Mortgage) loans.

HUD Settlement Statement Booklet – Very informative booklet regarding understanding closing costs and other various important topics.

Colorado USDA Eligibility Map – Check out if the house you’re interested in is eligible for 100% USDA rural financing.

Verify Colorado Mortgage License – Make sure your loan officer is licensed to do business in Colorado.

File a complaint against a loan officer/mortgage company – File a complaint or call for further information.

File a complaint with DORA(Division of Real Estate) – File a complaint against an appraiser, loan officer or real estate agent.

File a complaint with the NMLS(National Mortgage Registry) – reach out to the national mortgage broker registry system.

NMLS Consumer Access – Confirm that your loan officer is a register in the United States of America.

Reverse Mortgages for Dummies – Free PDF copy of Reverse Mortgage for Dummies. This book does a good job explaining the main components of a reverse mortgage.

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