no-cost mortgage


A no-cost mortgage is a type of mortgage that has no lender fees plus can cover other 3rd party fees such as title insurance fees, recording fees and escrow set-up. In order to avoid these costs, a credit(rebate) can be applied to your new loan. If a credit is not applied, the closing costs will be added to your new loan or you will need to pay for them at closing.


What Costs Can The Credit Cover?

Title Insurance » Cost will range between $600 to $2500 depending on loan amount and loan type.
Loan Processing Fee» (Lender Fee) » Will range between $250 to $800
Escrow » Escrow setup can be as little as $500 for a refinance up to a few thousand dollars if you’re purchasing a home. Learn more about Colorado property taxes here.
Underwriting Fee » (Lender Fee) » Will typically range between $300 to $1,000 depending on loan program and lender. This fee is usually discounted on government streamline programs.
County recording/Flood certification/Tax certification » These fees should never exceed $250 if purchasing or refinancing in Colorado.
Up-front mortgage insurance/VA funding fee » Can range between zero up to 3.3% of your loan amount depending on loan program and loan type.
Misc. lender fees » Can be origination fees, discount points, administration fees, other junk fees.


Simple Example Of A No-Cost Loan:

Title Insurance $950 (3rd Party Fee-mandatory)
Underwriting Fee $795 (Lender Fee)
Recording Fee $120 (3rd Party Fee-mandatory)
Escrow Set up $800 (Property Taxes & Homeowners insurance)
=$2665 Total Closing Costs

In this scenario, we would give you a credit of $2665 to cover all of the costs above. Keep in mind that your rate may be affected as the rebate rises.


How To Shop For A No-Cost Mortgage

The Loan Estimate is a document that will help you compare different offers from lenders. All lenders are required by law to provide you with this document within 3 days of your application. The lender credit will be located on the bottom of page 2 of the Loan Estimate under Box J. TOTAL CLOSING COSTS.


Is Doing A No-Cost Mortgage A Good Idea And What’s The Point

Absolutely! The goal is to maintain more equity in your home and avoid adding closing costs to your loan. For example, let’s say you have a $200,000 loan amount and a lender offers you 3.75% interest rate with 3k in closing costs. Another lender offers you 4% with no closing costs. Which offer is better? Well it all depends on how long you’re planning on keeping your home. The difference in monthly payment between 3.75% and 4% will be about $35 per month. So how long will it take to recoup your 3k in closing costs? $3,000 divided by $35 per month savings = You can do the math but it’s about 90 months or roughly 7.5 years. That’s right, it will take you 7.5 years of $35 monthly savings to recoup your equity. On the other hand, if you’re planning on staying in the home for 7.5 or more years, it can be beneficial to take the lower rate because eventually it will pay off. Please contact us if you need advice or would like a loan quote.

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